What You Should Know About Manscaping & Male Waxing

Over the years, waxing has grown in popularity due to its major benefits and effectiveness in removing unwanted body hair from a variety of regions for both women and men. Male waxing and manscaping are no longer just for bodybuilders or extreme athletes. Plenty of men are opting for waxing services to experience a longer, lasting smooth solution to unwanted body hair. At The Pampered Peach Lake Ronkonkoma, we provide personalized waxing services for both women and men. Keep reading to discover more about this popular men’s grooming trend, or book your male waxing appointment today!

A man getting his underarms waxed

The Waxing Culture

While our culture has become more accepting of body hair, specifically the resurrection of full bush and armpit hair among women, men’s grooming has started to grow in popularity to include male waxing and manscaping grooming habits. While there is always the option to shave your unwanted body hair, it does come with some pretty annoying (and sometimes painful) drawbacks. Shaving can lead to painful razor bumps and tends to only last a few days before the stubborn prickles return. Waxing, on the other hand, provides six to eight weeks of smooth, soft, glowing results that remove every single one of the unwanted hair from that region. Have you ever shaved and ended up missing a section? Come on, we all have. Let’s just let the professionals at The Pampered Peach take care of our waxing needs for results that last!

Wax and waxing pads for men's waxing services

Men Require Specialty Waxes

If you are a man looking for a waxing salon, you should consider going to a waxing studio that has the experience, as well as specializes in male waxing services. Male body hair tends to be more coarse, and more abundant than female hair. For a successful waxing experience, men require a different type of body wax. At The Pampered Peach, we offer face, body, and specialty “manzilian” waxing services specifically for our male clientele.

a man getting his chest waxed

Where to Wax & When to Manscape

At The Pampered Peach, we are all about your freedom to express yourself. No matter if you are looking to get your back, shoulders, chest, or even give your private area a little special treatment, our waxologists will ensure your personalized waxing service will exceed your expectations. One of our most popular men’s waxing services is the “manzilians”, where we remove all hair from the scrotum, perineum, and anal region resulting in a smooth finish. Don’t worry! If you are not ready to go full sphynx down there, your esthetician will work with you to achieve your desired look through our manscaping services, even blending areas to create a more natural appearance, but leaving you confident in your overall appearance.

Sugar wax

The Power of Sugaring

Waxing doesn’t have to be a painful experience. A new type of hair removal called sugaring is growing in popularity for its natural appeal. Sugaring hair removal only uses three ingredients: lemon, sugar, and water. There is no need for paper waxing strips, as the ball of sugary paste pulls the hair out in a natural direction of your follicle’s growth, creating a gentler approach than traditional waxing.

Book The Peach for Your Male Waxing & Manscaping Needs

Male waxing may seem scary, especially if it is your first time. But which is scarier—a little bit of sugar paste or accidentally cutting yourself with a razor… down there?! If you are ready to jump on the manscaping trend, reach out to our waxologists at The Pampered Peach to discuss your male grooming options today!