How to Ease Wax Bumps

Waxing is a fast and effective way of removing unwanted body hair. Unfortunately, this self-care routine often leaves you with little, red wax bumps either immediately after the waxing procedure, or for some people, these wax bumps may not be noticeable until a week later. At The Pampered Peach Lake Ronkonkoma, we are experts in the hair removal industry. Our three processes use speed removal techniques in combination with our proprietary blend of waxes, leaving your skin feeling super smooth within minutes. If waxing tends to leave you with red bumps, The Pampered Peach Lake Ronkonkoma has just the tips and tricks to ease your wax bumps away! 

Cold Compresses Are Your Friend 

If your skin is easily irritated after a waxing session, you can apply a cold compress to the area. Whether it is an ice pack or a cool washcloth, the coolness will help soothe irritation and reduce post-waxing bumps.

Aloe Vera Is Magical

Aloe vera gel is widely known for its antioxidant properties and is commonly used to treat sunburns and other minor burns. Using a fragrance-free moisturizer, like aloe vera gel, can help calm irritated skin and reduce inflammation after your waxing session.

Wear Loose Clothing

Tight clothing only restricts and rubs against the skin, creating more discomfort. Try to wear loose clothing for one or two days after waxing to reduce irritation.

Only Trust Professional Waxers

While wax bumps are temporary and usually go away within a few days, they can be annoying and possibly even get infected. It is important to leave your self-care waxing routine to professionals to reduce your risk of wax bumps and infections. 

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